Attention to detail. Innovative design.
    Quality Solutions: The Viokef way.


    Since our 1954 establishment, as a forefront of the Greek lighting industry, we stand out for our professional approach. As a result, our reputation has forged an uphill progression, producing an extensive range of interior and exterior lighting solutions for home and professional use, crafted by our team of experienced professionals.

    Our priority in VIOKEF is our customers’ vision, thus we offer
    lighting fixtures based on every need


    Complete families of lighting fixtures for all spaces


    Lighting fixtures for hotels and special projects


    Lighting fixtures, designed and custom made based on your special needs

    Vision and style

    Having the ability to transform home and business spaces as well as to give a special style, throughout Greece and abroad, we understand the importance that our lighting fixtures hold. Whether it’s a subtle creation to light up your space to a complete lighting experience, our specialized designers have the expertise to realize your vision, united by their creativity and love.

    Innovation and quality

    From the initial sketch to the final touch, our goal is the unwavering attention to detail, the commitment to excellence, the versatility into our designs and the dedication to the aesthetic. Our philosophy is the uninterrupted attention to the detail, the innovative designs and the exceptional quality. Our mission is to achieve the ultimate combination of aesthetics and low consumption with a high sense of our commitment, both to you and to the environment.

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