How is the color in LED products defined?

    The meaning of color in LED products is the temperature of light. Specifically it defines how cold or warm is the light emission. This temperature is measured in Kelvin degrees and essentially measures the hue of light.

    The usual color temperatures range from 2700 K (Kelvin) to 6500 K. The lowest color temperature emits what we usually call warm light (and is more yellow), while the highest color temperatures emit cold light (and are more white) .

    Warm lighting of 3000k is suitable for places where we want to feel warm and cozy and thus is preferable for homes. In contrast, cold lighting of 4000k is usually preferable for professional spaces and offices.

    In general we could say that white range is as follows:

    1. a) warm white” (2700K to 3100K), ranges from orange to light yellow.
    2. b) Neutral / Cool white (3100K and 4500K) which is perceived in human eyes as brighter and ranges from bright white to slightly bluish.
    3. c) Daylight white (4500K and above) with intense blue color (like the sky in the morning)


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