Guide to Magnetic Track Lighting

    Guides for Magnetic Track Lighting

    What Is the Magnetic Track Lighting, And How Does It Work?


    The magnetic track lighting is a lighting system which consists of the track and several lighting fixtures which are placed easily due to their magnet. The system is completed by a transfomer AC110-220V to DC48V.

    Different types of magnetic attraction lamps can be installed on the magnetic linear track. Not only can they move freely on the track ,but they can also be disassembled and installed at will.

    Through different parts, the magnetic tracks can be connected to each other to form an L shape, square shape, U shape, etc.

    Magnetic track lighting system size

    The magnetic track rails, either surface or recessed, have a maximum unified length of 2m. It can be made to any dimension, shorter than 2m or longer than 2m, but only by using connectors.

    Where are the Magnetic LED lights being used?

    The Magnetic LED lights are mainly used as home lighting, in the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, and bedroom, by creating different design patterns, which will make your home lighting system stylish, and modern. They can be used as office lighting as well, combined with LED panel lights and as commercial
    lighting in supermarkets, etc.

    What are the components of the Magnetic track lighting system?

    The entire magnetic lighting system consists of 3 parts – magnetic rails, magnetic lighting fixtures and accessories. Each part has something special to pay attention to. Let’s go over the main points of each part in detail.

    Α. Magnetic Rail

    Magnetic Rail is available in 3 different types:

    1. Surface //Suspented
    2.  Recessed
    3. Curved

    Β.Τypes of Magnetic Track Lights

    There is a great variety of magnetic track lights such as spotlights, linear lights, adjustable folding spotlights, track spotlights and pendant lights. Each luminaire is typically a module that can be added, removed and
    moved on the track at will. 

    C. Accessories

    There is a great variety of accessories as well which allow to create differnet designs, such as power supplies, linear connector, L-shape connector, horizontal L-shape connector, covers and pendant kit.

    How To Choose Magnetic Track Lighting?

    The magnetic track lighting system is very easy to install. Despite this and due to the fact that there is a great variety of designs you can create shall we see the steps:

    Step 1: Confirm which design pattern you prefer.

    Linear, L-shape, oval, round, square, snake shaped.

    Step 2. Choosing a suitable magnetic track rail.

    Recessed magnetic track: Can used in places where the ceiling already exists so as the tracks’s opening is being placed directly to the ceiling plasterboard.                                                                                                            Surface / Pendant magnetic track: Can used in places where false ceilings do not exist or in places where plasterboard can not be placed, such as supermarkets, offices, etc.

    Step 3. Choosing Magnetic LED lights.

    There is a big variety of LED lights such as spots, pendants, linears, which allow you to make many different

    Step 4. Choosing the accessories

    After you confirm the desired shape for the magnetic track system, you will be able to select the appropriate adaptor or connectors you need.

    Step 5. Choosing Magnetic driver

    There are two options of drivers:

    48V Built-in driver. It is appropriate for integration with all kind of magnetic tracks, especially for suspensded or
    surface-mounted tracks.

    External driver. It is appropriate mainly for recessed installations. The external power supply is suitable for being placed in the air outlet of the air conditioner or the exclusive maintenance port, which is convenient for future maintenance, repair, or replacement. The external driver must be working with the input adapter together.

    FAQ about Magnetic Track Lights

    Which are the benefits of having Magnetic Track Lights in your home?

    The biggest benefit of magnetic track lighting is safety, since the installation does not require tools, so the risk of electrical fires or and other hazards eliminated. Another benefit is that you can add as many lights into the track as you desire, as the tracks don’t have a predetermined number of bulb sockets.

    How difficult is it to install them?

    Installing a magnetic track lighting is really easy. You can install it by yourself and there’s no wiring at all. Simply mount the track to your ceiling, attach the lights into the channel, mount the metal brackets having the powerful magnets, place them where you want, plug them in, and turn them on!

    There are 3 different installations for magnetic track light system:

    A) Recessed- The most common installation, suitable for a new buildings.

    B) Surface-mounted- Easy to instal, no suspended ceiling is needed.

    C) Suspension installation- It is perfect for the dining room, meeting offices, etc.

    Are your tracks compatible with other light fixtures or just with the ones your company produces?

    It is possible that some may be, but it’s not feasible for us to know, for every fixture offered on the market.

    How far away  from the wall does the magnetic linear track need to be?

    Generally, we advise that the ideal distance from the wall is about 40-60cm. Of course, you can adjust according to the size of your space.

    Can the magnetic LED lights be dimmed?

    Almost all lighting fixtures can be dimmed using the appropriate driver. Below we provide the different types of dimmable drivers from our company.

    00/8079 – 100W-Triac Dimming

    00/8080 – 200W-Triac Dimming

    00/8081 – 300W-Triac Dimming

    Are there any disadvantages of using this type of lighting fixtures?

    One disadvantage of using magnetic track lighting is that it is expensive. Because of the materials used,
    it is over three times more costly to purchase magnetic track lighting when compared to other types.

    Do they come in different colors?

    They come in two colors black and wihite.

    Is there any safety advice I should know about?

    To avoid damage to the track and its surrounding area, never apply any downward pressure to the system.
    Doing so could cause a seperation from the ceiling and as a result to break both your property and your lighting system.

    What is the magnetic track lighting price?

    The cost of the magnetic system depends on the final meters you will use, as well as the number of lighting fixtures to be included.

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