In Viokef, 60 years already, we luxuriate enlightening your lives. Since our 1954 establishment, our reputation has forged an uphill progression, due to our professional approach, our unwavering attention to detail, our emphasis on the design process and our dedication to the aesthetic of our designs. Whether it’s a subtle creation to light up your space to a complete lighting experience, our specialized designers have the expertise to realise your vision. Our mission is to bring the ultimate blend of head-turning lighting units with low energy consumption to the forefront. The result? The ultimate combination of exceptional quality products, commitment to the environment, and inspiring designs.


    60 years already, we luxuriate enlightening your lives


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    Lighting - Showroom


    Filiati Str. P.O.Box 28, GR-194 41 Koropi


    +30 210 662 6495


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