General terms and conditions of sales

    Welcome to our websites ( and ( which are the official website and online store, accordingly of the company VIOKEF LIGHTING S.A, with registered office in Koropi, Attica (General Commercial Register No. 162525601000, T.I.N. / V.A.T. 996586634, Tax Office for S.A. Athens).

    For any information about our website, our policies and our terms of use and sales, you can contact us either through the special form that you will find in the “Contact Us” section of our website, or through the email address .

    In this section, you will find all the information about the terms and conditions of sales, which are exclusively related to B2B sales. Our online store is not addressed to consumers, so if you are a consumer and you are interested in our products, we suggest you contact the sales point – partner of our network, which serves you.

    The following terms and conditions cover the sale of our products and the provision of our services to businesses, through our website. Each user of our website is deemed to consent to and unconditionally accept these terms and conditions in their entirety, as well as any clause contained therein regarding the non-existence of liability or indemnification of VIOKEF, as detailed below.

    Every user of our website is invited to check these terms at all times and before any transaction with VIOKEF, without exception. If the user does not agree with their content, he/she must refrain from any transaction with us, because any such transaction will automatically be taken as approval and acceptance of these terms.

    1. VIOKEF Data

    (a) VIOKEF consists of:

    • the Societe Anonyme under the name “VIKOKEF NIKOLAOS Th.. KAKKOS S.A.” and the distinctive title “VIOKEF S.A.“, located in Koropi, Attica, on the 26th km of Vari – Koropi Avenue, with General Commercial Register No. 000344901000 and T.I.N. / V.A.T. 094105240, Tax Office for S.A. Athens and
    • the Societe Anonyme under the name “VIOKEF LIGHTING S.A.” and the distinctive title “VIOKEF LIGHTING S.A.“, located in Koropi, Attica, P.C. 194 00, with General Commercial Register No.162525601000 and T.I.N. / V.A.T. 996586634, Tax Office for S.A. Athens.

    (b) VIOKEF is the producer, manufacturer and supplier of all products under the VIOKEF trademark, which, with its permission, are available at selected points of sale.

    1. Products

    (a) VIOKEF trades all kinds of lighting and lighting installations, manufactured or imported by VIOKEF, through wholesale or retail sales.

    (b) All VIOKEF products are made of superior quality materials, have an innovative design and are manufactured using the best technology.

    (c) VIOKEF‘s products are shown on our website and in our catalogues, with a detailed description of their materials of construction, their dimensions, their technical characteristics, their colours, the components they carry, while a brochure of each product with their codes and details is available in the presentation of each product.

    (d) VIOKEF exhausts every means to ensure that the products displayed on our website and in our catalogues fully reflect reality, however it is possible to detect differences and inaccuracies, which are purely due to the difference in the source of display. In particular, due to e.g. the colour rendering of the user’s computer, there may be differences between the colours displayed on our website and the actual colours of certain of our products.

    (e) VIOKEF provides all necessary information about its products before selling them and during the execution of any contract with it, and it is recommended that users of our website seek all necessary information that will help them to ensure that our products meet the needs of their buyers before entering into any contract with us.

    (a) If you are a consumer, you may purchase our products from selected points of sale belonging to our network of partners, on the terms and conditions that you will agree at the time of your purchase at these points. VIOKEF does not guarantee or accept any liability from the non-performance of these terms, except for its legal liability as a producer – manufacturer of its products.

    (b) On our website, the possibility of purchasing products directly from VIOKEF is provided only to businesses, VIOKEF B2B. The connection of users – businesses to purchase products from VIOKEF, requires your registration as a user, the verification of your identity by us and the send of a code to enter the VIOKEF online store. Your login to the VIOKEF online store (e-shop) can be done either through our website, by selecting the VIOKEF B2B field, or by going directly to

    (c) For the operation of the VIOKEF e-shop you should be aware of the following:

    • On line Shopping: Purchases made through our e-shop are made through a shopping cart. You select the products you want from our catalogue of products, based on quantity, special features, color, etc. and place them in your personal Shopping Cart, in which the final purchase price and other charges are formed.
    • Stock Update: The availability of our products is updated in real time, so at the time of your purchase, you are able to know whether your product is ready for delivery or not, as well as the estimated start time of new production.
    • Purchase Completion: After placing all your products in your Shopping Cart and after checking your options, you can choose to complete your purchase by following the steps indicated.
    • Invoice: After completing your purchase, your Sales Invoice, issued by VIOKEF will automatically appear.
    • Special Requests: Special requests regarding VIOKEF products can only be satisfied, subject to VIOKEF‘s express prior written assurance that they can be satisfied. To make such special requests, you should contact VIOKEF directly at, with your request.
    • Terms of purchase: The purchase of products shall always take place in accordance with these Terms, as they exist or may be amended in the future by VIOKEF, by publishing the content of the Terms on our website. The attachment or submission with the purchase of any pre-written terms and conditions of purchase on the part of the ordering party, will not be accepted by VIOKEF.
    • Purchase Processing: Purchases are processed daily, from Monday up to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Purchases made on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays are processed the next business day.
    • Refusal to process and execute a Purchase: VIOKEF reserves the right to refuse, at its sole discretion, the registration of an order and its execution, in particular in the event of lack of sufficient stock or inability to execute specific requests thereof, as well as in any other case it deems appropriate. In this case, if the value of the purchase has been paid, it will be refunded in full to the buyer on the next working day following the notification of the details of his bank account, following VIOKEF‘s notification of the non-execution of his purchase.
    • Cancellation – Correction of Purchase: The submission of correction – change requests does not imply the assumption by VIOKEF of the obligation to execute the relevant corrections – changes, for the execution of which there must be its express written assurance. Cancellation of the purchase may take place within five (5) working days of its completion. In this case, there may be a charge to you for costs incurred during the stages of preparation for delivery.

    (d) VIOKEF recommends that all purchasers of its products seek from itself all necessary information to confirm that the requested products actually meet their needs. Upon request, a physical or digital visit to its showroom to check the products requested may be agreed upon.

    1. Payment methods

    (a) Upon finalizing your purchase you must select one of the payment methods provided in our online store, in order to complete it and issue the corresponding Invoice.

    (b) The provision of the option to credit the price of your purchase is subject to VIOKEF‘s approval. In the absence of such approval, the corresponding payment option (by bank deposit) may not be eligible upon completion of your purchase. In the event of crediting the purchase price of your products, you may be charged contractual interest, the rate of which will be notified immediately by VIOKEF. In this case, VIOKEF may retain ownership of the products until full payment of the price, a right which will be expressly stated in the document issued for their sale.

    (c) Our prices include all statutory taxes and other deductions. In case you are a taxable or non-taxable legal entity and you are subject to a special tax regime, you must necessarily contact VIOKEF, presenting all the documents (e.g. a business declaration), which will show that you are subject to a special tax regime.

    (d) All purchases are subject to additional credit checks by VIOKEF, which reserves the right without justification, at its discretion:

    • to request documents identifying your details,
    • to request a change in the payment method of your order,
    • to reject your order and refuse to execute it.
    1. Shipment – Deliveries

    (a) No deliveries are made on public holidays and weekends. The time of deliveries on other days is determined by the carrier.

    (b) The estimated delivery time of each purchase – order shall be determined upon its completion. If there are discrepancies in the delivery time, VIOKEF will automatically inform the buyer, and if there is a possibility of partial delivery, for purchases of several products, the respective delivery times will be explicitly defined for each part of the purchase. By completing the purchase you accept the specified delivery times of our products.

    (c) Any deviations in the delivery times of the products due to extraordinary circumstances and force majeure shall not affect the timely and proper performance of the delivery.

    (d) VIOKEF shall be responsible for the delivery of the order placed on its behalf until it is received by you. If for any reason the transport is carried out by your own means or by a carrier acting on your instructions, then the responsibility for the transport shall be borne solely by you and delivery of the order shall take place upon receipt of the order by the carrier or agent of your choice.

    (e) If the delivery of the order is made from VIOKEF‘s premises or from a pick-up point, this will take place from Monday to Friday and from 09:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m., after sending notification of the readiness of the order for pick-up. In this case, you must always bring the Purchase – Sale Invoice sent to you after the completion of your purchase.

    (f) Upon receipt of your purchase, it is necessary to thoroughly check the condition of the product(s) and their packaging in order to detect any problem that may have arisen during transport. In case you detect any problem in the packaging, please do not proceed with the receipt of the product(s) and contact VIOKEF immediately. If you detect a problem immediately after receipt, this should be reported immediately to the carrier. Immediately afterwards, please contact VIOKEF, informing us of the statement you made to the carrier.

    1. Product Returns

    (a) Returns due to delivery of the wrong product:

    In the event that the product we have shipped to you is other than the one you ordered, you may return it within ten (10) business days of its delivery to you free of charge for shipping costs. The return of the product, in this case, can only be made if the product is in its original condition and with its original packaging, which must be intact.

    (b) Return due to a defect claim:

    In the event that you wish to return a product purchased because you consider it to have a defect, you must contact VIOKEF.

    • If the defect is due to damage to the product visible after opening the package, you may return it within ten (10) business days of its delivery to you without incurring any shipping charges. In this case, the product must be unused and returned in its original packaging.
    • If the defect is discovered after the product has been installed and put into operation, you should contact VIOKEF to arrange for its return to VIOKEF, at no charge to you, for inspection of the defect and subsequent repair or replacement. The above applies exclusively to products under warranty.
    • If the defect concerns a product out of warranty, then its return to VIOKEF will take place at your expense and, after checking it, you will be informed of the cost of repair and other charges for spare parts and accessories, as well as the time of repair. In the event that you refuse to pay the cost of repairing your product and do not receive it for a period of more than thirty (30) days, we will consider that you waive your ownership of it and any claim for its repair for the purpose of returning it to you.
    1. Warranty – Technical Support

    (a) The LEGAL GUARANTEE of the products is valid for two (2) years from the date of delivery to you and gives you, in case of actual defects of the product or in case of lack of its agreed quality, the right to correct/repair the product, the right to replace the product, unless such action is impossible or involves disproportionate costs, the right to reduce its price, the right to withdraw from the sales contract, unless the product has a minor actual defect. Defects of the product or deviations of the product, which you knew at the time of its delivery to you, due to VIOKEF’s notification of them to you and which you nevertheless agreed to accept, cannot be invoked subsequently for the exercise of your rights.

    (b) If VIOKEF provides a COMMERCIAL GUARANTEE upon purchase of the product, its duration and extent (e.g. repair or replacement of the product, refund, etc.) will be indicated in the documents or invoices accompanying the product, which you must keep until the expiry of this guarantee. The commercial guarantee is offered in addition to the legal guarantee and does not affect your rights under it.

    (c) Shipments to and from VIOKEF for the repair of products under warranty are always at your own expense, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the warranty to you.

    (d) In the event that a product has a defect within the warranty period, contact VIOKEF for coverage. Upon inspection of the product, we will inform you of all details regarding the product’s commercial warranty and the procedure for repairing the defect. It is important that you keep the product purchase document and any accompanying documents, as they may be requested.

    1. Applicable Law

    Any transaction or contract with VIOKEF is governed entirely by Greek law, without prejudice to the application of overriding provisions of European Union law, and the Courts of the city of Athens are competent to resolve any dispute.

    1. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

    VIOKEF may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, by publishing the content of the new Terms and Conditions in the relevant section of its website and indicating the latest amended version.

    1. Contact details
    • Postal address: 28 Filiati Street, P.B. 28, P.C. 194 41 Koropi, Attica
    • Contact: +30 210 662 6495
    • For information about VIOKEF products: 
    • For information on orders: 
    • For information on Pricing – Payments: 
    • For information about returning products: 
    • For VIOKEF customer service: 
    • For technical support – information on product warranty: 
    1. Opening hours: Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 09:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.
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