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    Welcome to our website (, which is the official website of the company VIOKEF LIGHTING S.A, with registered office in Koropi, Attica (General Commercial Register No. 162525601000, T.I.N. / V.A.T. 996586634, Tax Office for S.A. Athens).

    For any information about our website, our policies and our terms of use and sales, you can contact us either through the special form that you will find in the “Contact Us” section of our website, or through the email address .

    In this section, you will find all the information about the terms and conditions of use of our website.

    1. Products

    (a) VIOKEF is committed to the truth, accuracy and completeness of the information provided on our website and in our catalogues posted on it, regarding the identity and details of our company, the main characteristics of our products or services, as well as any information about them.

    (b) VIOKEF is not liable for any technical or typographical errors, which were made inadvertently and which we will correct if we become aware of them, either after our review or at the suggestion of our users.

    1. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use

    (a) Acceptance of these terms and conditions takes place immediately upon each user’s logging in and browsing the website. Acceptance is deemed to be the express and unconditional acceptance of the user’s compliance with these terms and conditions. If a user disagrees with any or all of these terms and conditions, the user must discontinue and avoid browsing the website.

    (b) VIOKEF reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use of its website at any time, without justification and at its sole discretion, by incorporating the modified terms and conditions into this sector. It is therefore important that users check the content of the terms and conditions before logging in and browsing our website. If any term(s) are invalid, the validity of all other terms and conditions will not be affected. If the invalid term affects the agreement between the website and the user concerned, its interpretation / completion / application, if required, will take place either by amending these terms or by replacing it with a term in line with the purpose of the invalid term. The above shall also apply to those issues not expressly regulated by the terms and conditions of use.

    1. Intellectual and industrial property rights

    (a) By connecting and browsing our website, you accept and acknowledge that all of its content (trademarks, names, distinctive signs, documents, catalogues, images, designs, services, electronic files, etc.) is the intellectual property of VIOKEF from the moment of its publication on the Internet, subject to any third party rights. Therefore, the content of our website is fully protected by the provisions of Greek and European law as well as any applicable international conventions. The name of the website (domain name) has been legally registered in the database of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Postal Commission and “VIOKEF” or “VIOKEF LIGHTING” is a legally registered trademark and is therefore protected by all relevant provisions of Greek and European law. With regard to any intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties, their protection is the exclusive responsibility of their owners.

    (b) It is expressly prohibited to use, copy, store, reproduce, republish, transmit, publish, upload, download, translate and modify in any way part or all of the content of our website. In the event that VIOKEF becomes aware that a user (registered or not) is systematically extracting, manually or automatically, all or part of the content of our website, VIOKEF will have the right to terminate his/her access, deactivate his/her registration and exercise against him/her any of its rights.

    (c) The individual storage and copying of parts of the content of our website on a personal computer for strictly personal use or for the purposes of the user’s communication with VIOKEF (e.g. applying for a purchase offer, submitting a complaint or review, reporting a fault, etc.) is strictly permitted. A prerequisite for such use is that there is no intention to commercially or systematically exploit the content of the website. However, even in this case, such use cannot be interpreted as a grant of intellectual property rights on the part of VIOKEF.

    (d) Any content available for downloading from this website (e.g. brochures with product features) is the intellectual property of VIOKEF and the following applies to such downloading:

    • the use of such content is limited exclusively for informational and non-commercial purposes, is strictly personal and the copying and distribution of such content by any means of communication is not allowed,
    • any interference, modification or alteration of its content is strictly prohibited; and
    • any copying, transfer or creation of a work based on this content or misleading the public about its true owner is strictly prohibited.
    1. Limitation of VIOKEF’s Liability

    (a) VIOKEF strives to continuously provide high quality products and services. VIOKEF‘s products are shown on our website and in our catalogues, with a detailed description of their materials of construction, their dimensions, their technical characteristics, their colours, the components they carry, and a brochure of each product with their codes and details is available in the presentation of each product. VIOKEF exhausts every means to ensure that the products displayed on our website and in our catalogues fully reflect reality, however, it is possible to identify differences and inaccuracies, which are purely due to the difference in the source of presentation. In particular, due to e.g. the colour rendering of the user’s computer, there may be differences between the colours displayed on our website and the actual colours of certain of our products. In good faith, VIOKEF is not responsible and is not bound for any errors in product features, photos and prices listed on our website and cannot ensure that there will be no errors from any cause when entering and/or updating the features of a product.

    (b) VIOKEF has no responsibility for any illegal and unauthorized interference by third parties to products and/or services and/or information available through our website.

    (c) VIOKEF makes no declaration that the information contained in the documents and notices published on our website is appropriate for any purpose. Any such document and related graphics are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.

    (d) VIOKEF, under no circumstances, can be held responsible for any damage and/or any other negative consequence that may result from accessing the website and/or the use of the information contained therein. No guarantee is given by VIOKEF that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruptions and errors or that these errors will be corrected.

    (e) There is no guarantee on the part of VIOKEF that any other linked website or the servers through which our website is accessed will be provided to you free of viruses or other harmful components. Therefore, no claim of a financial or other nature can be made to remedy any damage resulting from the aforementioned cause, and the cost of remedying any such damage shall, in any case, be borne solely by the user concerned.

    1. Responsibility of the User

    (a) Every user is free to make use of our website, in accordance with the law and ethics. The responsibility for the contents of any transaction lies solely with the user. VIOKEF does not exercise any kind of correction or intervention on the data transmitted by the user, except for the verification of such data on a case-by-case basis. The user must fill in the following data correctly and accurately: name, address, message, etc. in the contact forms.

    (b) The use of our website is governed by the provisions of Greek and European law as well as any applicable international conventions and the user agrees not to use our website in order to violate these provisions.

    (c) In particular, each user agrees and undertakes not to use our website for:

    • sending, publishing, emailing or otherwise transmitting any content that is unlawful for any reason, causes unlawful injury or damage to VIOKEF or any third party or violates the confidentiality or privacy of any person’s information,
    • sending, publishing, emailing or otherwise transmitting any content that causes offence to users’ morals, social values, minors, etc,
    • sending, publishing, emailing or otherwise transmitting any content to which users do not have a right to transmit under the law or applicable contracts (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements),
    • sending, publishing, posting, emailing or otherwise transmitting any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any third party,
    • sending, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting any material that contains software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or affect the operation of any software or computer hardware,
    • intentionally or unintentionally infringing the applicable legislation or its provisions,
    • harassing third parties in any way,
    • collect or store personal data about other users.

    (d) In addition, each user agrees that all members, partners, employees, management, shareholders and other associates of VIOKEF are not liable for anything arising from third parties using our website. Any use contrary to the above, in addition to any civil and criminal penalties, will result in the termination of the services provided without any notice.

    (e) By using our website, the user accepts that he/she understands and accepts the international nature of the internet and commits to abide by the rules of ethical behaviour (Netiquette). In cases where VIOKEF gives the possibility to a user (registered or not) to publish or send by personal message or in any way to another user (registered or not) any information, audiovisual material, text, link to another website (link) or generally a file readable / executable by computer or other electronic device, the user who has made the sending / publication is solely responsible for this content. It is reminded that for each publication/posting it is necessary to have the right to transmit the content either under the applicable legislation or under any legal contractual relationship of the user. In any case, the content of the above mentioned items is prohibited to:

    • be illegal, abusive, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, defamatory, harassing, harmful to minors or expressing ethnic, racial or other discrimination,
    • infringe the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of third parties, including trademarks and secrets and patents,
    • include any virus, malicious software or code (malware), unsolicited advertising material (pop-up) and spam that may cause either temporary or permanent damage / malfunction of any computer equipment (hardware and software) and electronic devices in general or delays, interference and interruptions in the operation of servers or any telecommunications network,
    • contain a false statement as to the person of the user or an impersonation of any person (natural or legal).

    (f) Each user of our website is obliged not to use it to carry out actions that may result in criminal prosecution or the initiation of any civil or administrative proceedings against VIOKEF for actions that are indicatively, and not exclusively, referred to in the Criminal Code, in specific criminal laws, in the legislation on personal data protection, in the legislation on telecommunications, as well as in the relevant legislation of the European Union, the National Telecommunications Commission, the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, the European Commission, the and the European Parliament and any other public or administrative authority, as well as for acts that could infringe any right or other legitimate interest of VIOKEF or a third party.

    (g) In the event that any third party takes legal action against VIOKEF for infringement of any of its intellectual property rights, which under these terms and conditions falls within the scope of the user’s liability, VIOKEF reserves the right to take recourse against the user. Along with any claims of the third party, VIOKEF reserves the right to claim compensation from the user for breach of these terms and conditions and for any legal consequence resulting from it.

    (h) By entering and using our website on your behalf, you agree that the exclusions and limitations of liability set out in the terms and conditions of use are fair and reasonable.

    (i) You also accept that VIOKEF reserves the right to modify and/or temporarily or permanently discontinue part or all of the services of the website, with or without notice to its users, for good cause. Consequently, the user acknowledges that there is no right of compensation of any kind by VIOKEF.

    1. Links, hyperlinks to other websites

    VIOKEF does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services and content of other websites referred to through links, hyperlinks or banners. Therefore, for any problem that may arise during their use, the user must address directly to the respective websites, which are responsible for the provision of their services, without VIOKEF being responsible for any liability due to the content or use of such websites. The inclusion of such links on our website is provided for the convenience of the users and VIOKEF does not in any way approve, accept or assume responsibility for the content of any link.

    1. Applicable law and other terms

    (a) The present terms and conditions, including any amendments thereto, are governed and supplemented, where necessary, by the provisions of Greek and European law, as well as by the relevant provisions of any applicable international conventions.

    (b) In the event that you as a user (registered or not) detect any legal and/or ethical error in the content of our website, please inform us immediately at, in order for us to take all necessary measures to correct this error and modify the content of our website.

    (c) Both VIOKEF and our partners strive to constantly upgrade the operation of our website and improve the access and browsing of our users, creating through the use of the most modern and technically specialized means and organizational methods, a secure environment for our users and their data. However, it is always possible that errors, or malfunctions, or interruptions in the operation and content of our website may occur, and/or that malicious and harmful software (malware) may appear either on our website or on our server.

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